Expert Python Programming Book

Atomisator, a companion web-site and a free framework for the book Expert Python Programming; written by Monsieur Tarek Ziadé.

Tarek is CTO at Ingeniweb in Paris, working on Python, Zope, and Plone technology and on Quality Assurance. He has been involved for 5 years in the Zope community and has contributed to the Zope code itself.

Tarek has also created Afpy, the French Python User Group and has written two books in French about Python. He has gave numerous talks and tutorials in French and international events like Solutions Linux, Pycon, OSCON, and EuroPython.

Chapter 10th of the book has a preview here.


Last 12th of September the LHC web-site developed by the team at CERN was hacked.

I did not post before any mention , because I was waiting for an aanswer, and I have found nothing in the WWW. Nothing but the shut-down of the LHC web-site.

Would this mean people carrying on the project is unable to patch the hole? Or other malign attacks ? Beacuse hacking and protection of data is our everyday bread, isn't it? And to have questions and doubts about this matter is no good, by any means.

Some friend told me about an intuition why this had hap`pened. And I will try to explain it here as clear as my poor english grammar might do.

The site was hacked maybe because it was developed: on a LAMP Content Management System, or on a ASP CMS.

The failure of the logic of both programming languages in its base might have caused, unintentionally the possibility for hackers to do their job. Do have always in mind Frege.

I wrote in a post before here, in this, your blog where and why LAMP based CMS fail. And tonight, I am not going to bore you about the logic errors underlaying in the ASP-NET base.

It would be a good scenario one whre the the technical committee might explain to the citizens of Europe what have failed, which was the mistake, why the hole happened.

It would be a good scenario presented to all of us, european citizens, at least to learn of the errors of the others and avoid that in the future that this would happen anymore.


Someone told her, days ago, like she was kind of an  ambitious person.

My ears get the impression that get printed into my mind after hearing to her/his words. Ambitious, she? For sure.

Define ambition to respect herself and her work and to respect other people's work and lives.

Ambition comes by hand with temper, and might be not a failure in itself. Being this true, I did not knew it.

An article featured at the Guy Kawasaki's blog have had a positive effect on each of us.

Those brief  moments when someone's judgement on you, just because he -- or she -- belongs to another scenario.

Are You Limiting Yourself? is an excellent article to remind to you the people you met in life who are not always playing the same game one does, honey.

I once coached a man who was, in most areas, a competent entrepreneur. He knew his business very well, he was dedicated and ambitious, and he was an effective leader for his team.

Urban monkeys, worth a read.


A recommended update to avoid some explosions in your lovely OS X. For musicians and filmmakers. And for you, too.

Have a cup?

Objective-J and Capuccino have been, from now on open sourced

In reality, Objective-J was built to support the real star of the show: Cappuccino. Cappuccino is essentially a port of the GNUStep frameworks (or Cocoa as more people are familiar with them), and it aims to fundamentally change the way applications are written on the web. Unlike many other libraries out there today, Cappuccino is designed with the express purpose of building desktop caliber applications that run in the browser. That’s why we chose to base this framework on proven technologies that have had thousands of successful applications written on them already, and have been proven to be one of the best development environments there is

Good news for Safari web-developers like You and Me

There is good news for site owners here since Google have used the opensource WebKit framework for rendering pages which means that if your site supports Safari, it should support Google Chrome.

If you are a marketer, read about Chrome here
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