Last 12th of September the LHC web-site developed by the team at CERN was hacked.

I did not post before any mention , because I was waiting for an aanswer, and I have found nothing in the WWW. Nothing but the shut-down of the LHC web-site.

Would this mean people carrying on the project is unable to patch the hole? Or other malign attacks ? Beacuse hacking and protection of data is our everyday bread, isn't it? And to have questions and doubts about this matter is no good, by any means.

Some friend told me about an intuition why this had hap`pened. And I will try to explain it here as clear as my poor english grammar might do.

The site was hacked maybe because it was developed: on a LAMP Content Management System, or on a ASP CMS.

The failure of the logic of both programming languages in its base might have caused, unintentionally the possibility for hackers to do their job. Do have always in mind Frege.

I wrote in a post before here, in this, your blog where and why LAMP based CMS fail. And tonight, I am not going to bore you about the logic errors underlaying in the ASP-NET base.

It would be a good scenario one whre the the technical committee might explain to the citizens of Europe what have failed, which was the mistake, why the hole happened.

It would be a good scenario presented to all of us, european citizens, at least to learn of the errors of the others and avoid that in the future that this would happen anymore.
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