Someone told her, days ago, like she was kind of an  ambitious person.

My ears get the impression that get printed into my mind after hearing to her/his words. Ambitious, she? For sure.

Define ambition to respect herself and her work and to respect other people's work and lives.

Ambition comes by hand with temper, and might be not a failure in itself. Being this true, I did not knew it.

An article featured at the Guy Kawasaki's blog have had a positive effect on each of us.

Those brief  moments when someone's judgement on you, just because he -- or she -- belongs to another scenario.

Are You Limiting Yourself? is an excellent article to remind to you the people you met in life who are not always playing the same game one does, honey.

I once coached a man who was, in most areas, a competent entrepreneur. He knew his business very well, he was dedicated and ambitious, and he was an effective leader for his team.

Urban monkeys, worth a read.
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