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Delfi Ramirez

In April, the Web Marketing Association had our WebAward judges review both Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's Website in a head to head challange. Senitor Obama's Website won the challange and he went on to win the Democratic nomination (I'm not saying it was because of us, but you have to wonder...)

Well, we are at it again. This month we asked the WebAward Judges to compaire Senitor John McCain's Website with that of Senitor Obama's. Accross the board, Senitor Obama's Website was consistantly seen as better in all aspects of Website development.

Here are the results.

Design - Asked "which Website has the most pleasing design?" WebAward judges selected the Obama site 4 to 1 over the McCain Website.84.5% of them voted for Senator Obama's Website and 15.5% selected Senator McCain's Website as better looking.

Innovation - Website innovation also went in favor of Barack Obama. By the same margin as design, the vast majority of WebAward judges (82.4%) thought the Obama Website seems more innovative, while only 17.6% favored McCain's.

Content - In terms of having the most appealing content, judges again selected the Obama Website over John McCain 's Website, although by a narrower margin than the first two criteria. 71.6% of the WebAward judges felt has more appealing content for visitors compared to 28.4% for WebAward judges also found that the Obama Website is more effective for telling the candidate's story and attracting contributions and voters to its cause (72.2% Obama vs 27.8% McCain).

Ease of use - Senator Obama's Website was seen as easier to use by the WebAward judges than Senator McCain's. 73.8% selected as easier to use compared to 26.2% of WebAward judges who felt was easier.

Copywriting - It is obvious that both campaigns have excellent writers on staff. Neither Websites have any of the editing issues some large organizations can experience. However, the WebAward judges gave the advantage to the Obama site (70.1% over the McCain site 29.9%).

Interactivity - Interactivity makes a Website more than just an online billboard and both candidates were effective in giving visitors to their Websites plenty to see and do. Nevertheless, once again the WebAward judges gave the edge regarding interactivity to the Obama Website (75.2%) over the McCain Website (24.8%).

Technology - Use of technology is evident in both candidates' Websites, however, the clear favorite for the WebAward judges was winning 82.4% of the votes compared to with only 17.6% of the votes.

When the WebAward judges were asked "If the election was to be held today. Which candidate would you be more likely to vote for?" 54.6% responded Barack Obama, 15.7% responded John McCain, 11.1% voted neither and 18% reported that they are a non-US judge and can not vote for anyone in a US election.

You can read the complete release at prweb.

Regardless of who you will be voting for in the next presidential election, Websites are going to play an ever increasingly important role in how candidates get their messages across to the American voters. Based on the findings of this survey by some of the top Internet professionals available today, the Web Marketing Association names the winner of the McCain vs Obama Website Challenge. We wish both candidates the best of luck in their efforts to become the next President of the United States in the November election.

Bill Rice
Web Marketing Association

Barack vs. John

I have been kindly invited by theWMA, to act as a judge and analyze - from the point of view of a professional worker in Internet Communication the pros and cons the web-sites of Mr. John McCain and Mr. Barack Obama may have.

I told you, as you know I am not the kind of person ho has a prize, this year as a member of the judge's team of this fantastic and professional Boston based Marketing Association, I had also the privilege of being elected to join the final jury membershipfor their annual web excellence prizes.

Note: Yes, yes, you are right, smiling puppy: This is the kind of post I am not comfortable writing, but I hope it serves to spread the constant and serious work the Web Marketing Association has been doing all over these years.

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