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Not all computational effects are monads
I conjecture that Haskell semantics are invariant under permutation of case statements in some sense, meaning that if all branches of a case statement A have the same case statement B in them then this B case statement can be pulled outside (and putting the same case statement A inside each branch of B) without changing the semantics (under some suitable set of hypotheses that include the assumption that the expressions being cased are not diverging). Adding catch to Haskell would violate this property that I’m conjecturing (as your example using (+) illustrates), and hence catch cannot be defined in Haskell. Therefore catch must be modelled in some way, such as with monads as you do.
Open radar
Radar is Apple’s internal bug tracking system. How Apple views Radar and how external third-party developers view Radar causes a bit of a conflict. Apple heavily uses Radar internally. Thousands of Apple employees' work-days are defined primarily by what’s in their bug queue.
Why is Python more fun than Java?
Python has some features that both make it easier to code certain common constructs and contribute to the resulting code's readability.
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