Spain's DCM is a complete ignorant

Laws are written to be respected and read too.

Un usuario de Internet que desde su domicilio intercambia obras protegidas por la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual no comete delito alguno si dicha conducta se realiza sin ánimo de lucro, concepto éste que según la Circular 1/2006 de la Fiscalía General del Estado "no puede tener una interpretación amplia o extensiva, sino que debe ser interpretado en el sentido estricto de lucro comercial".

It seems that Mr. Cesar Antonio Molina shows a complete and extense ignorance - I would like to beleive that thisis not intentionally - in laws appliabled in culture when he is saying that P2P users do not respect the laws.

First at all, we, spaniah citizens, we all, want to know where the hell all the money of the SGAE goes to. To private pockets, not to composers. Where all these billions of euro, whose firts mission was dedicated to pay the associates and promote new values in arts and culture, are located.

It is simply a question of respect and democracy.

Stay well.
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