Remove the .DS_Store files

I needed to remove the .DS_store files from some archives I uploaded via FTP.
Gratefully, there was a free OS X app to do that for me.

This app is gently provided by programmer Mr. Roger Jolly.

ZipCleaner 1.0
Although being able to create zip files right in the Finder is very convenient, they have the disadvantage of often including invisible files. These can be handy on the Mac, but if you send them to people using other operating systems, e.g. MS Windows, they show up as a bunch of unusable extras, like .DS_Store, Icon^M and __MACOSX.
ZipCleaner can remove these files from the zip archives the Finder creates: just drop them on it. It also allows you only to remove the .DS_Store files, which contain Finder settings and Spotlight comments. To do that, drop an archive on ZipCleaner, while holding down the option key.
Warning: Removing all resource information from a zip archive can make included files, like applications, unusable! If you want to be save, unzip the archive and test the files. Removing only .DS_Store files should give no problems, though.

You can download ZipCleaner here. (128 KB, univeral binary)

ZipCleaner can best be used with Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.

Thank you Roger, you saved my day.
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