Adobe UI Fun

Clever and hilarious: Adobe UI Gripes.

A piece:

Flash CS4: Hilarious, I’m assuming you faked menus on the Windows version and then ported the faked menus over to the Mac version complete with the Windows 95 selection colour.


Radioshift is a new bri-lli-ant , say cool, software for you and your little silver MAC OS X , kindly developed by the team at Rogue Amoeba.

In a Itunes-alike UI interface, RadioShift competes with the popular Audio app from Macintosh in the rage of being your favourite Radio Guide and Station Player.

I really enjoyed the functionalllity, also the disposition of the interface and, over all, the World map selection tool. With Radioshift, you can listen to and record internet and AM/FM radio from around the world...well not all over the world.

As a bad example from, here, Spain: ONA FM, a Broadcast Company where this, your weblogger, does his every-day collaboration - say halfday job time - that does not properly stream in Radioshift. Same happens with Cadena SER.
As a german friend of mine says: Shade!.

Graphic Treatments

Just finishing abranding graphic design, after so many years, but the occassion - and the client - was a forthcoming event.

Upwards, an excerpt.

Things I Am Currently On

During last months, besides of procastination, this yours truly has  been working on:
  • A Feasibility Study on Podcasting Monetizing for spaniard company.
  • Ending Some web-sites, Three exactly.
  • Re-defining the strategy and web-site of my own business: Segonquart Studio, which I hope will see the light soon.
  • Learning new techniques on programming languages.
  • Developing the strategy management for a new based Web 3.0 portal about art and culture.
  • Procastinating.
Nothing more, nothing less.

On Financial Crises

Today, I have kindly received a letter inviting me to join the MR Club.

Appreciating the proposal, must say that, I have the solid opinion that this economical thrill floating around, will be expanded and will affect to the world of credits cards. End of 2009, maybe? Who knows.

To prevent any failure in my current business day I would not accept the offer. Sincerely.

I also have blocked my ordinary plastic cards. Say I am afraid and cautious. Guess you are right.

But as soon this thrill ( referring to economics) will be over , I will accept the membership. I promise you.
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