Radioshift is a new bri-lli-ant , say cool, software for you and your little silver MAC OS X , kindly developed by the team at Rogue Amoeba.

In a Itunes-alike UI interface, RadioShift competes with the popular Audio app from Macintosh in the rage of being your favourite Radio Guide and Station Player.

I really enjoyed the functionalllity, also the disposition of the interface and, over all, the World map selection tool. With Radioshift, you can listen to and record internet and AM/FM radio from around the world...well not all over the world.

As a bad example from, here, Spain: ONA FM, a Broadcast Company where this, your weblogger, does his every-day collaboration - say halfday job time - that does not properly stream in Radioshift. Same happens with Cadena SER.
As a german friend of mine says: Shade!.
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