What else best to do on Saturday evening but procastination?

I re-registered myself in Stumbleupon few months ago.

I discovered StumbleUpon around 2003, via the Mozilla applications page. For years, stumbleupon.com was a fave of mine, a real social network with real people taking part of it.

After those years, I am thankfully to this app, mainly because of I had the chance to met and know real people with whom I share common interests. And this is what are really social apps for. Trust me.

For example, I am glad to have still a long-time friendship with Kosmar ( aka Markus Angemeier), the man who designed the logo for StumbleUpon. A real professional and better human person. And the list may go further on.

When someone like me, as a professional, has any kind of recognition you might find on the 3W - aka The Web - has to be coherent in the results shown. This is; private life must be in a box, and professional life in another one.

In these days, when your name in a search engine does not define you as a human at all, mainly because everyone of us, simple mortals, use the web to work and play, being back to the stumblers is a joy for me.

In Spain - a country that just recently has accept the Internet as a real media of communication - it was unconceviable, just 3 years ago, for any member of the bussiness' area of any serious company, that, a tech professional like - blush - I am during the daytime, could be glad, in and show in too, so many different scenarios of interest.

Afortunately , this is not like it today. Said that, I recovered my presence and my old beloved stumblers, for who knows how many long this time.

If you like to procastinate yourself, StumbleUpon, seems the best choice. I recommend it to you.
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