Omniweb has been, for a long time, besides being easy and fun, a fave testing browser for those of us, who develop and design for the WWWW using a Mac platform hardware tool.

Omniweb is not a new kid on the block, but the browser that has been around us - we, geeks - approximatively since the year 2000.

OmniWeb was originally developed by Omni Group and released by Lighthouse Design for the NextStep platform on March 17, 1995. As NextStep evolved into OpenStep and then Mac OS X, OmniWeb was updated to run on these platforms. OmniWeb also briefly ran on Microsoft Windows through the Yellow Box or the OpenStep frameworks.

Now Omniweb is - like near all the browsers that you, newbie, use every single day with your computer - free.

It offers several advantages over some other browsers we used to love.

First: its native Cocoa bundling,

Second: It is designed for the Mac OS X environment, so you might easily extend it via Cocoa or even Apple Script.

Third: Its Page Info Manager, where you can see easily how everything you, upload to the server can be examined/downloaded without any kind of difficulty, as you can see and appreciate in the following image:

Gary Rosema web ©Delfi Ramirez @Segonquart Studio
Gary Rosema's website 2009

For example we see,  as you may appreciate, that famous advantage of Flash as a tool were you can keep safe your images from being stolen, is clearly de-constructed and de-molished here. No kidding.

For this complexity and professional detail mentioned ( of course, there are couple more details ), I like and enjoy the use of OmniWeb.

Note aside: The importance of my last referring is that now, more than ever, standards may have its place in the developers world, in comparison to other frameworks promoted by gurus at their agencies, sometimes like a clear advantage for our client: "There are things that can't be done without the Flash technology" quote; others as a merely formal confirmation of incompetence by their side.

Omniweb, as a browser, becomes a serious tool for developers that until now, were unwillingly to pay for a proprietary browser, and have ignored its advantages or capabilities.

The Omni group justifies this decision that let you and me the right to use Omniweb for free, as it follows:
Because we’re a small company and we don’t have unlimited engineering resources, by necessity certain projects are going to take up more of our attention. Instead of continuing to charge for these four applications, which aren’t getting updated as frequently as our other titles, we felt it would better serve the community to make them available at no cost.

There is also an add on, for you, to give this weekend Omniweb a try: It has the same , say, flavour that Internet Explorer 5 for Mac OS 9 had.

And we do all remember that IE5 for Mac OS 8/9 was the real browser that we, Macintosh people, used in the past century.

Note: Maybe you do not agree comfortable with the look-and-feel Omniweb has, looking as if you were back to the year 2001.  No problem. Mr John Hicks, has some wonderful Tiger and ITunes themes for your - from now own - favourite browser.

Go ahead. Download your Omniweb browser for free here.
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