The New Assembly

Mr. Nick Mudge suggest in this interesting article, on Javascript, considered it as harmful as assembly.

Memoirs. Twelve years ago, I faced those departments of those spaniard Universities, being rejected as an IT man for my firm believe in JavaScript is the new Tool in programming languages.

Memoirs. Twelve years ago, that nightmare meant you have to be precise, every single second, and make clear distinction between Java and JavaScript, for all those projecte programmers who might be interested and interviewed you.

Remember myself disappearing then, as the cat from Alice disappears, with a shadow of a big smile, and no results on a being-contracted-for-the-job.

After reading the cleverly opinions of Mr. Mudge in the article I recommend to you, I have the sensation - say, feeling - this problem is still around in our days.

Present. In our days this yours truly is facing part of his creative work inside an IT department, in which Haskell paradigm is less a case against the Event-Driven paradigm language approach, rather than case to resolve the needs of an application.

Taking a called positive decision - the scary "first step" decision to start building our app - it seems to me, more a philosophical question rather than a technical skill approach.

Are we living in a perennial ecosystem ?, Or in an event-based society, hazardous and changing environment?

You decide the model you want to represent and make public. Please keep in mind we do have, in these days, something called the Web:

People are now demonstrating that you can have a persistent HTTP connection so that events on the server and events on the client are blurred. Your client applications, and your server applications, because they can be persistently connected rather than request-response connected, essentially exist all in the same event cloud. This gets us back to development paradigms, such as Visual Basic or client-server, while maintaining all of the cost benefits of deploying over the Web...

Your opinions and pluses would be welcome, while I put my efforts on events. Read more about my choice on Events , here.
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