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Dear ISOC Member,

The 4th "Internet Governance Forum" (IGF) meeting is taking place in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, in the period from 15th to 18th November 2009 (

With this message we would like to invite you to attend our ISOC "IGF 2009 Issues – Briefing and Discussion Forum" on

Saturday 14 November 2009, 13:30-17:00 local time (11:30-15:00 UTC)

This session is open to all ISOC members and will take place in the Red Sea Room, Maritim Sharm el Sheikh International Congress Center (IGF venue) in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

ISOC's "IGF Issues – Briefing and Discussion Forum" will include a briefing on IGF themes and workshops and cover issues of interest to our members in preparation for the IGF. It is an opportunity for ISOC members coming to the IGF to interact with ISOC staff and other key ISOC stakeholder groups such as Chapter representatives and ISOC IGF Ambassadors on ISOC’s agenda and activities for the meeting.

1. IGF 2009 themes and ISOC’s engagement
(Bill Graham, Strategic Global Engagement)
2. Questions & Answers
3. Members’ engagement in the IGF
(All participants in the discussion)

Bill Graham (ISOC) has composed a document that outlines the IGF history, issues and themes pertinent to the upcoming IGF meeting. It is available at:
(PDF, 34KB)

Please submit any questions or points you might have for the discussion forum to before 10 November 2009. Thanks!

We would also like to invite you to join our "ISOC Welcome Reception" at the Swimming Pool Area, Royal Peninsula Hotel, on Saturday from 17:00-19:00.


Sabrina Wilmot
Manager, Chapters & Individual Members
Internet Society (ISOC)
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