Name of this blog has changed

Update your bookmarks, please: After so many years, five or more, far as I am able to remember, and a whole life in WWW terms; this blog has an URI that attempted to my trademark: Segonquart Studio.

Life has changed since then, and laws tend to adapt to everyday's living. Reading carefully the Terms of Service of Blogger; it might seem to me unappropiate to continue using a name of a brand, than in itself, has nothing to do or be with Blogger or its affiliates.

Years ago, it was like an act of 'looking-like-a-working-class-poseur' to have blog placed where everyone have had a blog; besides it gave to my brand Segonquart Studio, an appail of proximity and sociallity.

As, in our present days, we are a company that offers to our clients, for example, the chance to host their name, legal trademark, or protected work, on our servers. One reason we offer this is to work together with them, carying about privacity, intellectual rights, and property rights;

As these happens in our days, so far from five years ago, keeping the old "segonquart.blogspot" reference it would seem that we do not apply our own advice. IT would no be legal, also.

To solve it, and to keep saved here more than five years of posts and mumblings on the WWW media, I decided today to imprint my own name to this - your - blog.

Anyway, most of teh content you migth read here, refers and will refer to my activity inside Segonquart Studio, were I develop and bring to life projectes for the Net. You might always find here when reading it, helpful notes and asides objects that help me to success in my work. Not in my life.

You might have noticed too that I also have my own domain. Maybe I will change teh name of the URI of this digital print product. More soon.
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