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Why Object-Oriented Languages Need Tail Calls
Del Manifiesto
Estos representantes se han entendido en el concepto griego de aristocracia. El gobierno de los mejores. Aunque ahora podría ser más una followcracy, el gobierno de los que tengan más follower
Google Public DNS service not ideal for everyone
Google uses clusters of servers at each of the anycast locations that collectively cache information, allowing requests to be rerouted from one server in the cluster to another. This provides better caching and thus better performance than simply distributing incoming DNS queries over a set of independently operating servers. Additionally, they've developed a system that can refresh information that is about to expire (all DNS records contain a "time to live" value), rather than removing stale information and then having to do a lengthy lookup when it's requested again by a use
How Google Can Help Newspapers
The current technology—in this case the distinguished newspaper you are now reading—may be relatively old, but it is a model of simplicity and speed compared with the online news experience today. I can flip through pages much faster in the physical edition of the Journal than I can on the Web. And every time I return to a site, I am treated as a stranger
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