Konfused Chickens

I tell you a short story:

Recently, at my studio development company; I have had the chance to commit a mistake, once more, once less.

After year contracting independent professionals, I decided to to share my illusion and have a partner, meaning by this someone in which you can trust and delegate. Said that, after examining my world around, I ask a colleague to become a partner in my company. It was my own decision, it was my own mistake. A mistake, due to unknown reasons. Reasons that not show one should never trust IT professionals unless you are suffering any kind of blackmail. Because of - being the case - you have to prove them before contracting.

This is one lesson I learned from this story, as today Segonquart Headquarters is, once again, a one-man-company.

Let me tell go further without getting deeper, in a bad-written english grammar, on ex-partners, on experiences, because this is what the post is about.

Imagine someone who looks positive and brings negativeness in every single act he or she does in your company. A person that brings to your company and your work the firsts two stages of competence.

That kind of person ( say, pollastre * ), may even make you to believe, after months of working together, that you are doing things wrong, that one is not clever seeing somewhat, that one..., and all that one bunch of etceteras. That kind of person for sure, will have in mind Tao, Confucius or some similar name, just with the vulgar purpose to reinforce his/her way of being. More bunch added to injury.

As Konfucius, Chickens came from the East. But Chickens are not good in the business industry as easters are. Just keep also in mind that Confucius means Confusion, that Chicken means Chicken, and Technologies means whatever you want except serious Technology.

Mixing Confucius with Technology, must be a reason for you to be aware of the mix and from the mixers. Confusion refers to all that dead souls that float around the business industry: Confused mind, lost mind better to be in the hands of a psychiatric institution than in your instituted hands.

That kind of confused dead soul, in being the case, follows all-at-once the first two stages of competence.

Business models are based on models of competence. And incompetenceness is wide spread all over the business galaxy.

Read from Wikipedia about the four stages of competence.

After months of being in the hands of some confused person, now I feel better. I love the Sun, I do love my work and I care much about my business. I felt in a chance to loose all for what if been keeping last ten years. Yes, I feel like I have loose something by the way, what I will not ever recover: Ingenuity. But I am glad this is for good. I kicked that person off, as soon as I had evidences that something was going wrong. Without compassion. Rudely. As far away from my bussiness as it was possible under legal circumstances.

And this is the end of the story. And the moral? may you wonder... The moral? Well: Lone wolves do not get along with chickens.

Hope this story might have entertained you. Until next post.

* NOTE : Pollastre is a term included in the grammar of catalan language, used to identify people that act as domestic animals rather than acting like human beings. Pollastre in catalan language does not mean Chicken, at first but Chicken, as English Grammar uses this term in slang mode.
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