The End of the Internet (I)

This contains content from UMG. It is no longer avaliable in your country.

What if is not your country and You are a simple resident? Should have Internet, from its basis, to be Universal, UMG?

If we loose the principle of universal communicaction method, the global concept of communication as a universal right for humans like you and me,; then we loose the scope of what Internet is about, besides Digital TV Channels, access restricted areas, private intranets or whatever kind b-side effect you might imagine.

If you don't want your content to be published and accesible to everyone, the solution is quite simple: Do not publish it, publisher. Stand in the analogic format, so good it has been during the past five hundred years. For several reasons everyone knows and I am not going to detail here.

So maybe it is not the Chinese Governement, nor the foe enemy from Islam, but Corporations, who, de facto, censhorship the Internet contents to us, the final users.

Maybe. Who knows.
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