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Besides my work as entrerpreneur in design and software development - say pro manager - I always find time to spare in my other passion: Contemporary Music.
Kimsa EP  DR -  design © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2008
Kimsa EP  DR -  design © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2008

If you've heard about this yours truly - then, may you know I have had quite a succesful career in music and brand promotion. In other words, the kind of product Apple ITunes offers to its clients.

Well, now there is Bandcamp:
Bandcamp isn’t Yet Another Place to Put Your Music. Rather, we power a site that’s yours. So instead of ads for Sexy Singles Chat, your fans see your design, your music, your URL. You retain all ownership rights, and we just hang out in the background handling the tech stuff.
Comparing to ITunes,
Bandcamp is not a digital distributor. Bandcamp is a service for selling your music through your own site, directly to your audience.

DR Music
DR Music design © Delfi Ramirez

The fact is that this new software tool, brought me back my faith in the Net as a medium to spare music and art, like a wave where Dolphins - like me - must swim.

Do me a favour, once mozre, and order some stuff from Meet Ramirez. You will be pleasured. Me, delighted.
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