Tim Bray and the Web

The Web is a tripod, depending critically on three architectural principles:
  • Pieces of the Web, which we call Resources, are identified by short strings of characters called “URIs”.
  • Work is accomplished by exchanging messages, which comprise metadata and representations of Resources.
  • The representations are expressed in a number of well-defined data formats; you can count on the message data to tell you which one is in use. It is essential that some of the representation formats be capable of containing URIs. The “Web” in WWW is that composed by the universe of Resources linked by the URIs in their representations.

Mr. Tim Bray puts in technical words what the web is, or at least was, explaining in a simple and understandable way, for you and for me this : What was the importance of the WWW, then and now.

Read his complete article here.
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