Fatal Error

You have been unsubscribed from the Isoc-members-announce mailing list

I know I have been less than active during the past six years, even so I currently was following all threads, so you might imagine how was I surprised when I received this letter in my ( not-corporate ) inbox this morning.
Afortunately, after some bad expectations, (begging for my inclusion in the mail-lists, again ); I have received this message some hours later :
Subject: [ISOC] Accidental isoc-members-announce unsubscribe messages
[...] some list maintenance on the isoc-members-announce list which caused unsubscribe messages to be sent to everybody on the list.
If you have received this message you can rest assured that you still subscribed to isoc-members-announce.
Best regards,

Bufff... Everything runs fine, now.
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