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In computer science and artificial intelligence, ontology languages are formal languages used to construct ontologies. They allow the encoding of knowledge about specific domains and often include reasoning rules that support the processing of that knowledge. Ontology languages are usually declarative languages, are almost always generalizations of frame languages, and are commonly based on either first-order logic or on description logic.

Me, what about this yours truly? Might you wonder. Well, I was born from within the fields of the Philosophy, then landed onto the Logic stuff... And now? Well, ehem, now, you say?

Now I am just kind of a declarative programmer, in a managerial role. Just another bored dream-rabbit, my dearest.


Recently, I have deleted a recent post I wrote on taste. Some days after I wrote it, re-reading it; I realized my words weren't precise, neither polite on the matter.
Since there is no method ( except maybe the look via search-engines for a cached page of my article, say post); I recommend you to get into this words:

The people who made the iPod clearly have taste; the people who made Windows do not.) Unfortunately for me, it seems like a lot of people in the US don’t have much taste. (Try watching the infographics on the network evening news, for example.) But even among people who have taste, I’ve noticed there are two kinds: positive and negative.

An article by Mr. Aaron Schwarz that can be seen here.

Your right to parties

Jefferson, Franklin, Montaigne, Montesquieu, Russell, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Leibniz..and all that mattered.

Faster As Hell

The most common cause of all is that C code tends to be written by people who have actually lived outside the Java reality-distortion bubble and been forced to learn how to write efficient code (which they could then do in Java but no longer care to).

I would not find more precise words to describe what is happening everyday inside a virtual programming team work.

read the complete article at Canned Platypus.


Web standards are complex software artifacts and like all software, they contain bugs.

Read the complete article : How IE9 Platform Preview Feedback Changed the JavaScript Standard, here.

Summer of 1985

Summer of 1985. Some of us, young rubgy players from the city of BCN - also designers and fanzine-makers - did a pacific demonstration inside the Fira International of Barcelona, against the Apartheid , and demanding the freedom of Mr. Nelson Mandela. Those were the times.


The thinking behind the initiative, Google said, is that as cellphones increasingly become the computers that people rely on most, users should be able to make applications themselves.


Linked Data in London

The British Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization, plans, next 14th of September, a one-day conference to examine Linked Data , and how this linking can be done using Semantic Web technologies like URIs, RDF and SKOS, and how real-world examples of Linked Data in action are here, now, and are growing.

Read more on Linked data in Wikipedia

A nice and profitous excuse to visit London and the University College. See the map

Read more on the conference here.
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