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Associating Style Sheets with XML documents
Version 1.0
This document allows a style sheet to be associated with an XML document by including one or more processing instructions with a target of xml-stylesheet in the document's prolog.
Associating Schemas with XML documents 1.0 (First Edition)
This document allows schemas using any schema definition language to be associated with an XML document by including one or more processing instructions with a target of xml-model in the document's prolog.
XProc: An XML Pipeline Language
A Guide to XProc.


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I wrote once in here, your blog, that CSS ( acronym for Cascading Style Sheet) is based upon C language and in the Object Oriented Paradigm.

Due to the mixed use of techniques when developing for the WWW; between scripting ( read: ECMAScript ), or tagging ( read: SGML ) or declaring ( read CSS ).

There is, however,  certain  misunderstood floating around which affects our common perception about the new HTML5. 

Like having something to do with the last revision of the CSS language, alongside with Javascript ( still in its - sadly - one dot zero version ).

An article written by Mr. Roger Johansson at 456bereastreet, clarify this misunderstood perception about CSS3, a much richer as a language, to me, than HTML version five is.

Combination of both languages is powerful; as it is with prior versions of structural languages HTML or XHTML. But this, does not mean that CSS3 equals to HTML5.

HTML5 and CSS3 are two different constellations inside the same lonely Universe. This is a detail you, newbie, should care about.

Here, an answer.

What happened to Segonquart Studio

What happened to Segonquart Studio? If you wonder, this might be a reason:
In technology, once you have bad programmers, you're doomed. I can't think of an instance where a company has sunk into technical mediocrity and recovered. Good programmers want to work with other good programmers. So once the quality of programmers at your company starts to drop, you enter a death spiral from which there is no recovery.
Segonquart Studio © Delfi Ramirez
Segonquart Studio © Delfi Ramirez

Understanding the Web 3.0

August is the month of vacation. Holidays. On the beach. Sunbathing, enjoy a rest at this time.

Two interesting articles have appeared in the network in these days of August. Two articles that provide an insight into why and how web 3.0 will take place in different scenarios.

The first article refers to the official response from Google Inc  on the need and right for network neutrality:
Why? First, the wireless market is more competitive than the wireline market, given that consumers typically have more than just two providers to choose from. Second, because wireless networks employ airwaves, rather than wires, and share constrained capacity among many users, these carriers need to manage their networks more actively. Third, network and device openness is now beginning to take off as a significant business model in this space.
The Net as Radio waves. Nor video, neither radio will kill the internet star.

The second article, written by Mr. Paul Graham discusses his experience in Yahoo Inc. , the great promise of Web 1.0 paradigm back to 1999, and explains the failures and mistakes that occurred then, and as the bubble was created by people and companies in the world of corporate advertising, with little or no technical expertise.
Both the Internet startups and the Procter & Gambles were doing brand advertising. They didn't care about targeting. They just wanted lots of people to see their ads. So traffic became the thing to get at Yahoo. It didn't matter what type.

One More Reason To Advocate

My frustration from using the Web without wearing my web professional hat also reinforces my belief that there is still a massive need for education and advocating best practices, which is what I’ll keep doing here as best I can.
A nice article by Mr. Roger Johansson that you can read it at his place.

Nothing To Do With Graphic Design

But so many insist on calling Photoshop mishmash pieces design, when they are nothing of the sort as they hold no idea, just stylistic nonsense. A hammer can help build a house, does that mean hammering two planks of wood together is good enough to be a home?
Read the complete article at retinart

Addenda: Links updated in the year 2016, cached version offered.
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