I wrote once in here, your blog, that CSS ( acronym for Cascading Style Sheet) is based upon C language and in the Object Oriented Paradigm.

Due to the mixed use of techniques when developing for the WWW; between scripting ( read: ECMAScript ), or tagging ( read: SGML ) or declaring ( read CSS ).

There is, however,  certain  misunderstood floating around which affects our common perception about the new HTML5. 

Like having something to do with the last revision of the CSS language, alongside with Javascript ( still in its - sadly - one dot zero version ).

An article written by Mr. Roger Johansson at 456bereastreet, clarify this misunderstood perception about CSS3, a much richer as a language, to me, than HTML version five is.

Combination of both languages is powerful; as it is with prior versions of structural languages HTML or XHTML. But this, does not mean that CSS3 equals to HTML5.

HTML5 and CSS3 are two different constellations inside the same lonely Universe. This is a detail you, newbie, should care about.

Here, an answer.
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