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I have mentioned in this - your blog - before, that I use Vienna, a wonderful application for MAC OS X, as my default news reader. An RSS reader lets me to travel around the web ( no ads, no videos, of course ) easily and fast. With this reader, I can be to day in the matters or subjects I care about, due to my subscription ( Yes, an RSS permits you subscribe to the content of a website) to the blogs or webs I find interesting in terms of content, besides the visual presentation they show in an ordinary web browser.

Following this, let me expose to you, my dearest reader, the articles I have found interesting, as today is Wednesday.

Shutdowned article:
The insider's game in Silicon Valley
Put another way, I think WordPress is going to end up owning a huge chunk of the business in the future, because they have the guts to allow, even encourage and support, competition, in virtually every aspect of what they do.
State of mobile web development, part 3/3: the mobile industry’s failings
Everybody wants web technologies; nobody wants web developers.
A good CMS gives you total markup freedom
HTML black boxes must be banished.

Switch Off The Web

The Web is not television, and I would like online advertisers and publications to stop treating the Web like it is.
Doc Searls put in words what weall have in mind.

Read the complete article here.


Documentary Switch Off - Apaga y Vamonos OST excerpt by DR
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