It’s worth noting that Zynga are very heavy users of analytics, and every change to their game is heavily tested and mined for data, to determine whether it was beneficial to their bottom line. If it’s not, it’s scrapped. This is business-smart, but designing games purely on the basis of metrics is ultimately the kind of thing that leads to the game-equivalent of a McDonalds meal – overly optimized to sell and with zero soul or inspiration.
. A comprehensive and detailed look at the differences between Fun and Compulsion in games - like DogVille,..ehrr... say, FarmVille, - written by Mr. Brian Meidell, that can be read here.

Create a Persistent Connection to a Machine

ssh -MNf @

Create a persistent SSH connection to the host in the background. Combine this with settings in your ~/.ssh/config:

Host host
ControlPath ~/.ssh/master-%r@%h:%p
ControlMaster no

All the SSH connections to the machine will then go through the persisten SSH socket.

This is very useful if you are using SSH to synchronize files (using rsync/sftp/cvs/svn) on a regular basis because it won’t create a new socket each time to open an ssh connection.

Nice tricks in SSH commands can be read here.

Jordi Torres Web In Progress

Jordi Torres Barcelona © designed and development Delfi Ramirez
Jordi Torres Barcelona © designed and development Delfi Ramirez 2010

Work in progress, in stage of production, for Mr. Jordi Torres, a selected client.

As Norman Wrote

I predict there will come a day when someone wants to federate JSON data across several application domains. I wonder, when they discover that the key “width” means different things to different constituencies, will they invent namespaces too?

Long around my mind was the idea of how to explain what XML is for, and what JSON was for.

Unfortunately to me, lately surrounded by incompetence, in this -your - world of web development and all that mattered, I did not find how to write a right article using precise words. Mr. Norman Walsh wrote it.

Do not miss Deprecating XML, an article written here.



Search engine query data deliver insight into the behaviour of individuals who are the smallest possible scale of our economic life. Individuals are submitting several hundred million search engine queries around the world each day.

Decades ago, when I was a student, I love the field of statistics, harmful considered as a matter of science.

Read the complete article: Complex dynamics of our economic life on different scales: insights from search engine query data, written by Mr. Tobias Preis, here.

Page preview mode

This is another useless feature that someone thinks improves the experience when it does nothing but show off the fact that someone can code JavaScript or some other display manipulation language.

Maybe I am getting older - who knows - and there are chips on my shoulder, but I must completely agree with the opinion of Mr John C. Dvorak.

Read his complete article, and do not miss the comments featured in, here.


Save the X Serve is a online campaign to save the Xserve, a rackmount server offering, dismissed from future releases and abandoned by its manufacturer, Apple, after ten years.

In case you want to show your support, in case you have been a loyal supporter of this product, saving XServe from a future oblivion, you may sign your petition here.


How about electronic publishing? Try reading a book on disc. At best, it's an unpleasant chore: the myopic glow of a clunky computer replaces the friendly pages of a book. And you can't tote that laptop to the beach. Yet Nicholas Negroponte, director of the MIT Media Lab, predicts that we'll soon buy books and newspapers straight over the Intenet. Uh, sure.

Read the complete article, written in 1995, about the Web and why it won't ever ever succeed here. Period.

10 things in MySQL

(that won’t work as expected)

  1. Searching for a NULL

  2. LEFT JOIN with additional conditions

  3. Less than a value but not a NULL

  4. Joining on NULL

  5. NOT IN with NULL values

  6. Ordering random samples

  7. Sampling arbitrary record from a group

  8. Sampling first record from a group

  9. IN and comma-separated list of values

  10. LEFT JOIN with COUNT(*)

Via Explain Extended

ADDENDA: I would add two ones: One, the inability to determine whether a variable is full or Boolean value ( No Boolean choice ); and Two, minus one may equate to zero, both against one, considered both as verifiability conditions ( What the Hell? )

A man's emergence

Perhaps a revolution can overthrow autocratic despotism and profiteering or power-grabbing oppression, but it can never truly reform a manner of thinking; instead, new prejudices, just like the old ones they replace, will serve as a leash for the great unthinking mass.

Read the manifesto here

Long Live Battery

Due to the fact I am posting some content based in Adobe Flash Technology, say videos, I do highly recommend, dearest Safari user reader of this - yours - blog, to do the following.

This is, to install ClickToFlash: A nice plugin for the Apple's Safari browser, that gracefully pull gain in significant performance and battery life on your laptop.

So, in case you might need to see the content of this multimedia posts, in case you won't pay efforts to your lovely computer, just click on the 'blocked' items... and all is done.

ClicktoFlash is a software gently developed by Mr. Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch.

ADDENDA: In my case, under OS X Tiger, and after installing the plugin, to browse the web becomes again a real pleasure;  Safari works like a charm.

Vintage E-Games

Ever try a game like Pac-Man on the iPhone? A game that’s designed from the ground up around a hardware joystick or D-pad just isn’t very good on a device without a joystick.

Read the complete article here.
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