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Labour Time

That makes me see clear that, my eternal devotion an dedication to work, in a free mean sense, is basically due to the fact I have had a life dedicated to composition. Besides notation, of course.

Labour time cannot remain the abstract antithesis to free time in which it appears from the perspective of bourgeois economy. ... Labour becomes the individual's self-realization, [but this] in no way means that it becomes mere fun, mere amusement, as Fourier with grisette-like naivete, conceives it. Really free working, e.g. composing, is at the same time precisely the most damned serious, the most intense exertion.

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Addenda: This post arises from a writing by Mr. JW Mason, entitled Satisfaction.

Articles To Read

The Semicolon Wars.
We still don't know the best notation—or even a good-enough notation—for expressing an algorithm or defining a data structure.
How To Become An Open-Source Contractor.
The trick, of course, is to become an expert on something. Preferably a world-expert. This doesn't mean you have to know something better than anyone in the world; it just means you can demonstrate your expertise as well as anyone else in the same domain.
Why Android is the New Windows.
People will start the buying process with “I want an Android phone”, and then choose based on features, price and brand, probably in that order.
Introducing the Ubuntu Font Family to the web.
Google and the Ubuntu project have today released the Ubuntu Font Family to the world through the Google Font Directory.


1. We are people of tech.

2. We live and work everywhere.

3. We value our own freedom, the freedom of people who use our technology and freedom in general.

4. We think there is no meaningful distinction between WikiLeaks and the news organizations covering the stories in cooperation with WikiLeaks.

5. We urge all governments to respect freedom of the press, whether the news originates online or offline.

6. We apply these principles in our work and they are embodied in our technology.

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Make Your Own Bread

But remember, while you as an artist may be deriving benefit from these sites/tools, with every piece of content you contribute you are definitely building the brand equity for these sites, rather than for your owned assets.

As a producer and educator of hypermedia content for people and corporations, I have feel, in these our days and in those from the past, the need to explain or advice to my beloved costumers in what the real work they might do behind the social networks means for them or their companies. What kind of value is it really added in this effort.
Gains and Obtains. And how to not spend energy and to waste your time building your brand upon other's trademark.

Better make your own bread rather than buying it.

Or, in less obscure words: Don’t build brand equity for other sites; instead leverage these non-owned “tools” to increase the value of your owned asset.

Via 96giantsteps.

Neutrality Observations

Read your user-agreements carefully. Most of them give the vendor the right to terminate your service at will without any appeal possible. That's not net neutral. Not even close.
Right crafted observations on that 'buzz' named "Network Neutrality" (see Wikipedia ) considered harmful by the providers industry.

In Spain, due to the normative and access offered to us, consumers - say, people - by well-known DSL providers and its colleagues; there is the perception that the proposed neutrality is, in fact, just a grid of nice words created by MKT departments. Figures that do not play, say, fair upon his/her costumers. You cannot be neutral, when your mission is to obtain a certain benefit of your environment.

In my opinion, to deliver the responsability and management of the meaning and effects of being openness, to leave it in the hands of private interests, may lead us to undesired scenarios.

To take one example, it would be like if I allowed my grocer to manage my personal finance by simply the fact that I keep with him an accounting relationship: Acquiring its oranges.

There is no doubt that we have to think positive, to advocate for principles 'nd rules of freedom, in this, our open society, a place enhanced by technological devices, devices that serves as a mean to communicate for human beings.

Read the complete post at Scripting News

Addenda: There is brand added opinion article written by Mr. Robert M McDowell - with a nice metaphor of 'quixotism' included - that can be read here.

Please, feel free to comment on this post above, or leave you opinion, in case of need.

Clever Observation

There is something sround floating around laWeb named OpenID. I remeber remember myself using this - say app -, couple of years ago, when the so-called web-two-dot-zero was , still, in its childhood.

However, this open identity did not really satisfied me as a user and it does not as consumer now. Why? It is might be hard to explain the reason if any, and do not misunderstood me, please.

Not because of It hasn't taken over the world...., no. It might be then maybe because of OpenID is not taking over the world because it's pretty much the exact opposite of a good product.?. Dunno.

Read some pros and cons on the matter here.

Via Yishan Wong.

Good vs. Great

Mr. Cameron Moll has written in his blog , and explained in an aural mode, the principal and, say, subtle differences and skills between great and good designers.

I would remark microdesign.

Read the complete article here
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