Make Your Own Bread

But remember, while you as an artist may be deriving benefit from these sites/tools, with every piece of content you contribute you are definitely building the brand equity for these sites, rather than for your owned assets.

As a producer and educator of hypermedia content for people and corporations, I have feel, in these our days and in those from the past, the need to explain or advice to my beloved costumers in what the real work they might do behind the social networks means for them or their companies. What kind of value is it really added in this effort.
Gains and Obtains. And how to not spend energy and to waste your time building your brand upon other's trademark.

Better make your own bread rather than buying it.

Or, in less obscure words: Don’t build brand equity for other sites; instead leverage these non-owned “tools” to increase the value of your owned asset.

Via 96giantsteps.
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