Neutrality Observations

Read your user-agreements carefully. Most of them give the vendor the right to terminate your service at will without any appeal possible. That's not net neutral. Not even close.
Right crafted observations on that 'buzz' named "Network Neutrality" (see Wikipedia ) considered harmful by the providers industry.

In Spain, due to the normative and access offered to us, consumers - say, people - by well-known DSL providers and its colleagues; there is the perception that the proposed neutrality is, in fact, just a grid of nice words created by MKT departments. Figures that do not play, say, fair upon his/her costumers. You cannot be neutral, when your mission is to obtain a certain benefit of your environment.

In my opinion, to deliver the responsability and management of the meaning and effects of being openness, to leave it in the hands of private interests, may lead us to undesired scenarios.

To take one example, it would be like if I allowed my grocer to manage my personal finance by simply the fact that I keep with him an accounting relationship: Acquiring its oranges.

There is no doubt that we have to think positive, to advocate for principles 'nd rules of freedom, in this, our open society, a place enhanced by technological devices, devices that serves as a mean to communicate for human beings.

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Addenda: There is brand added opinion article written by Mr. Robert M McDowell - with a nice metaphor of 'quixotism' included - that can be read here.

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