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The New York Times Introduces a Web Site
The New York Times on the Web, as the electronic publication is known, contains most of the news and feature articles from the current day's printed newspaper, classified advertising, reporting that does not appear in the newspaper, and interactive features including the newspaper's crossword puzzle.

The Alternative History of Public-Key Cryptography
Prime numbers and factoring was a natural candidate, and that became my starting point.

Three Colours
Democritus and the Pythagoreans assumed four fundamental colours, black, white, red, and yellow.

Ley Sinde

Dearest spaniards, you might want to have a look at the possible consequences of an unfortunate law project. Read it here.

Tales from the Past: {HTML 3.0}

I have it never mentioned it to you - my dearest reader - but maybe you are glad to know that this yours trulystarted to write code in the era when HTML version 3 was a hype.

O what the smell of coffee can bring to mind, isn't it?

Here you can visit via link, the entitled Introduction to HTML 3.2 (PostScript)

In the beginning, we all were pretty excited about the possibilities and drafts that languages as CSS or XML could offer to La Web.

Reinventing History. It was 1996.  Those were the times.

The Future Is

Much of our institutions are limited by the pre-digital technology: (1) It is difficult to constantly re-edit a paper book; (2) without computers, global trade requires perennial currencies ; (3) without information technology, any political system more fluid than representative democracy cannot scale up to millions of individuals.
I, sadly , must agree completely with Mr. Daniel Lemire and his lucid observations in an article about why Our institutions are limited by the pre-digital technology. period.


The problem seen as current in the world of personal homepage programmers ( aka: PHP developers ) is the largest subnormal double-precision floating-point number.
Only 2.2250738585072011e-308 causes the problem. It happens to be the largest of the five decimal values, so I guess that matters somehow.

Via Exploring Binary

ADDENDA: I love that "...so I guess that matters somehow...." assertion. My three-years old nephew could not say it with better words


However, it's ridiculous to argue that all proposed solutions to famous problems must either be accepted as true or be refuted to the satisfaction of the author. The mathematical community couldn't function under such a constraint.

Via Mr. Henry Cohn; noticed in a must-read article on simpler propositions than P≠NP! from Gödels's Lost Letter.

Thumbs Up

There are people who can provide psychological criteria about our daily activities. If you work in the world that others use, it is difficult to distinguish the thin line that separates a good asserting from a banal comment. But look where, there are good reasons to read this posts of Mr. Vogel. Absolutely correct, by golly.
It's been said that, if you want a healthy marriage, you have to say five kind things for every unkind thing. It is in our nature to gloss over and ignore kind words, but to really fixate on and get affected by unkind ones. This is why Facebook will never have a Don't Like button. If you see "Joe likes your post," well, fine. If the average online denizen see "Joe doesn't like this," he or she will probably freak out.

Via Mr Jeff Vogel

A Bag Full of Bugs

Let me tell you a story: Years ago, played, via an RSS pipe, with the Yahoo app, just for fun. I entitled that piece: PHP sucks.

Over that time, too, I use to write in my personal page, something like " ..so he dislikes PHP...."; a quotation that closed me to some doors of some selected companies which lack a sense of humour.

Of course, no one can blame seriously about something he - or she - would not love neither care of her7his duties. . However, that subtle humoristic concept of this yours truly, seemed to be quite offensive and catch the attention to some personnel around. Mates  who then have had access to a cerain résumé. Result: No inquiries, no jobs.

Back from the future, and speaking of today ... Well, Personal Home Page edition 5 revisited - aka PHP - still sucks. Sorry, mates.

Here,to your consideration , the bug : $d = 2.2250738585072011e-308;. And here, the link to the actual plague.

Addenda: A lesson I learned from my love-hate relationship with that PHP, considered as a dangerous language: Be careful, ye youngster, to denote any kind of sense of humour in your professional profile. Business are not built for angels. Devil lies i the details.


Wasn't this thing of LaWeb about a WORLD WIDE WEB ??
Solution: do not post, neither upload to the Internets content that cannot be spread worldwide, spend some money, and keep using the traditional broadcast media, to try to sell me something.
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