A Bag Full of Bugs

Let me tell you a story: Years ago, played, via an RSS pipe, with the Yahoo app, just for fun. I entitled that piece: PHP sucks.

Over that time, too, I use to write in my personal page, something like " ..so he dislikes PHP...."; a quotation that closed me to some doors of some selected companies which lack a sense of humour.

Of course, no one can blame seriously about something he - or she - would not love neither care of her7his duties. . However, that subtle humoristic concept of this yours truly, seemed to be quite offensive and catch the attention to some personnel around. Mates  who then have had access to a cerain résumé. Result: No inquiries, no jobs.

Back from the future, and speaking of today ... Well, Personal Home Page edition 5 revisited - aka PHP - still sucks. Sorry, mates.

Here,to your consideration , the bug : $d = 2.2250738585072011e-308;. And here, the link to the actual plague.

Addenda: A lesson I learned from my love-hate relationship with that PHP, considered as a dangerous language: Be careful, ye youngster, to denote any kind of sense of humour in your professional profile. Business are not built for angels. Devil lies i the details.
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