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Designing an optimal keyboard layout for 1-finger use
The primary goal of the KType project is to improve communication for people with disabilities.
Most popular APIs for web and SaaS developers
APIs are the glue of SaaS . They are core to the strategy of successful B2B SaaS companies.
Why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity
The romantic image of an über-programmer is someone who fires up Emacs, types like a machine gun, and delivers a flawless final product from scratch. A more accurate image would be someone who stares quietly into space for a few minutes and then says “Hmm. I think I’ve seen something like this before.”

Portable Document Formats

Logic and Mathematics
This article is an overview of logic and the philosophy of mathematics. It is intended for the general reader. It has appeared in the volume The Examined Life: Readings from Western Philosophy from Plato to Kant, edited by Stanley Rosen, published in 2000 by Random House.
Abstract Algebra
However, with the development of computing in the last several decades, applications that involve abstract algebra and discrete mathematics have become increasingly important, and many science, engineering, and computer science students are now electing to minor in mathematics.
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Reader: Adobe's Aircraft Carrier

It was during a seminar where I was lecturing about Adobe Reader, years ago, to an audience professionals belonging to a public institution Catalan. There I realized myself the potential and the tremendous work that the software has behind it.

Why does Adobe Reader has so many updates? If The ISO PDF Standard hasn't been updated since 2008, then there must be a reason for this. Howardus gives a clear and good explanation, about the possibilities that Adobe Reader software is capable to do. From opening and editing PDF to send and manage Lotus Notes Mail.
Read it Here.

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In Pursuit of Radical Innovation
It is scary how wasteful most industries are today. When you step back and look at the big picture you realize this waste is the reason behind many sub-industries. In the retail industry for example, there are the stores, but then there are the outlets, and the flash sales sites.

The Collective Dynamics of Smoking in a Large Social Network
We studied a densely interconnected social network of 12,067 people assessed repeatedly from 1971 to 2003 as part of the Framingham Heart Study. We used network analytic methods and longitudinal statistical models.

The Development of the C Language
The C programming language was devised in the early 1970s as a system implementation language for the nascent Unix operating system. Derived from the typeless language BCPL, it evolved a type structure; created on a tiny machine as a tool to improve a meager programming environment, it has become one of the dominant languages of today. This paper studies its evolution.

Lion Server is now part of Mac OS X Lion

Because it works

Then all our code is of course in PHP and reuse is highly important to us. There's still code from the early Flux CMS days in some of our latest projects. Not because we're too lazy to re-factor our code (we do that all the time), but just because it works, is tested and proven to work.

Do you still wonder why PHP s*cks? Needless to say it; here you might find some explanations why some still stick to Personal Home Page.

Writing code...Who? Me?

Death of a Clown

But change is coming. Dealing with technology has gone from something only for the techy geeks to something more mainstream. Younger generations get it. Computer savvyness is no longer just for the geek squad.

Reality transcribed by David.

A glorious mini-essay entitled The end of the IT department,found at 37 Signals.

The Startup Friction Syndrome

I think some blogs and conferences are valuable. But unless you’re already working on something that provides the framework for your learning and networking, you’d be wasting some valuable time.
Mr. Amir Khella hits the nail on the head, explaining facts with precise words and lucid metaphors in his article entitled What I Wish Someone Had Told Me 4 Years Ago.

On fearless, the starting-ups, about misconceptions and on the value of life.

Read the complete essay-article here

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A Subtle Deference

Mr. Stallman, writes on the subtle differences that are behind sthe so called Open-Source and what is really Free-Software, here.
When we call software “free,” we mean that it respects the users' essential freedoms: the freedom to run it, to study and change it, and to redistribute copies with or without changes. This is a matter of freedom, not price, so think of “free speech,” not “free beer.”


However, "The server is free to return any value from the group" doesn't sound like the way we do things, ever. MySQL users might be OK with queries which return an indeterminate answer; our users are not. You'll notice that SELECT DISTINCT ON requires you to have an ORDER BY; that's by design.

Read the SQL compatibility reminder here.

Looting Egypt

They are looting the museums of Cairo. And this, in my opinion, does not happens by accident, it happens exactly in the same way the museums in Bahgdad were looted. I hardly can understand the reasons for a revolt, but i do not see any reasons to take away all the ancients relics that reside there in the museums.
This might be due, in the twenty-first century, to materialize that philosophical idea, remember?, of post-modernism and the end of history. By removing any traces of the ancient culture, by removing traces of the past for the future generations.

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters.

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