Benchmark of Python WSGI Servers
This benchmark is a conceptually simple one and you could claim that this is not representable for most common web application which rely heavily on blocking database connections. I agree with that to some extent as this is mostly the case. However, the push towards HTML5’s websockets and highly interactive web applications will require servers that are capable to serve lots of concurrent connections with low latency.
JBest practices for JS and CSS organization
I’ll cover how I go about organizing my JS and CSS, both for the purpose of being able to find things, but also making sure JS code and styles don’t accidentally conflict. While my example is for Rails, thes ideas will translate directly into other MVC frameworks.
Beginning Android for iOS Developers
That's my baby, Brocabulary. She was my first, way back in 2009. Yeah, I know, she's a little silly, but she's not that complicated

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