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The limits of Twitter and Facebook, the bubble
In 2011 every young person can be an entrepreneur, esp if he or she knows how to code. That's the bubble, right there.
Apache plus Dropbox = Hello World
I want to forget about running Apache. It should be a commodity. I want two ways to manage the content that's served for me by Apache. The S3 API, and Dropbox. I need a few of the features of htaccess files, the ability to specify my index file, error file, and to redirect permanently or temporarily. Maybe one or two other simple features. No dynamic bits. I pay for bandwidth and storage. Super-important that I pay.
We do get out of bed for less than 10000 dollars per day
The modeling world is interesting in that being contracted by a certain agency and pushed in to certain markets is what can turn a girl that never made more than 200 Euros per month picked off the street in the Czech republic in to a $10K+ per gig model overnight. In fashion, there is no formula, there is no rationality. But don't be too jealous, modeling is crazy hard work, the demands on your person are insane and the number of models that end up suicidal or on drugs is huge.

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