Building Under Flash Platform

Well, just to scope on three new data, that might be of your interest:
As those who might know it, I develop under OS since the old days of System 7. This means that, over my life, most expended in the city of Barcelona, in a country named Spain.

The whole mass business in this city stands its entire production, upon C#,or some applications in J2EE... And other tools I will not mention, at the risk of being pedantic.

Therefore, the Adobe Flash Platform has bring to developers and creative minds, since the archaic times of Macromedia Director and over these years, the easy-to-implement solutions for his/her clients, without the need to deploy using Windows as a working platform.

Because of these, I profess a great respect for the solutions offered by Adobe.

Yes, I am up-to-date, one must frequently read the news, and know the reasons and technical specification of why it is inappropriate to develop IOS using the, say obsolete, Flash Platform instead of using the right tool.

There is no reason to recommend the option "Export to iPhone", offered by the Adobe Flash platform in their options.

However, I repeat, for those of you who have developed and implemented solutions for clients and SMEs who based their business on another platform other than Mac OS, Adobe Flash - formerly Macromedia Flash - has been your Swiss army knife, since the archaic days of the Internet Explorer 3.
PS: I realize a colleague of mine, Kosmar, from whom I deserve a lot of respect, and who is focusing his talent currently in mobile devices, might not agree with me in some aspects of this defense of the Adobe Platform. Big Hug to him.
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