God, memories and hypercards

It was decades ago, when me and a couple of good friends, started our business vision in this world, by editing an anti-fanzine, mixing copy-art, some selected interviews, hand-drawing illustrations, besides a lot of funny crap, to make the thing.

Those were the early eighties. Our anti-fanzine was annual and, in the city of Barcelona, South Europe, it gave us a certain notoriety and glamour in the scene.

My first paid job came a few months later, as graphic designer for a trend magazine, at the age of eighteen. Then followed the music, studies and yhe career at the University start, and my first business project, my firstbrand,my first company, being this yours twenty-three years old.

There was no Internet then, just HyperMedia, so writing code for games in tape-recording, was as exciting as recording music in those same tapes.

Addenda: I learn how to program, write code, when I was fifteen years old at La Salle, yeah that was too early, days of BASIC Pascal and FORTRAN and COBOL, circa 1981.

Delfi Ramirez Design 1983
 Besides business, as a plus, of course.

Life went on, we grew, some departed, and I come back again to the fields of communication and new media.

We, and me in the middle, were the first and the best, remember? . Our naiveness was born, I guess by the strong beliefs against beliefs we had when we started our anti-fanzine. Imprimatur included.

On the road again.

Thanks God, it's not Friday.
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