On Enterpreneurship

Warning To All Entrepreneurs About Bad Investor Behavior
If the person was offering to put in $25k – $100k in the round and asking for 1% or 2% as an “active advisor” to help out with the company, I’d still be skeptical of the equity ask at this stage and encourage the founders to (a) vest it over time and (b) make sure there was a tangible commitment associated with it that was different from other investors.

Steal This Start-Up!
If you have a hot idea for an Internet start-up, conventional wisdom goes, do not tell anyone. Draw up a non-disclosure agreement, file a provisional patent, and have your friends sign frieNDAs. Skip the therapist. Do not go out. Stop tweeting. Thieves, copycats and precocious 17-year olds are everywhere, handing you cocktails, eavesdropping on your Sunday brunch, eager to make a Winklevoss of you.
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