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PHP add short array syntax as defined
At least, in 2011.
Tokyo Promenade: a content management system
Tokyo Promenade is a kind of content management system. That is, Tokyo Promenade is a system in order to manage Web contents easily by providing total functions of browsing, authoring, editing Web contents on the Web interface itself.
The @-symbol, part 1 of 2
Like the ampersand, the ‘@’ symbol is not strictly a mark of punctuation; rather, it is a logogram or grammalogue, a shorthand for the word ‘at’.

Javascript like Assembly

JavaScript's parser does a more efficient job of providing code security than the JVM's bytecode verifier. JavaScript did a better job of keeping the write once, run everywhere promise, perhaps because it works at a higher level, avoiding low level edge cases. And then Turing takes care of the rest of it.
Part One, here.
Part Two, there.

On Domains and Blogs

With respect to +Kevin Rose, you should no more move your blog to Google+ than you should have to Geocities. 
Tap into social networks, use them to build your engagement, sure. But your own domain is for life. Google+ is not. 
Tomorrow, Google could close it, and while you can export your content, you cannot export all that link equity with it. Your posts will 404; that's not engagement. That's annoying. 
Being master of your own domain isn't just a funny Seinfeld episode. It's common sense, and it shouldn't be forgotten the moment a new flavor of social media Kool-Aid comes along.

Briliant advice from Danny Sullivan, at his Stream wall, in GooglePlus.

Online Identity +

This is like Google might look like and be seen be for this, your, decade:

– An important note about Field Trial –
You're part of a small group of people who are helping to test Google+. When you share something with people who are not yet able to use Google+, they will receive it via email but won't be able to comment or engage with the content like other Google+ users. They'll be able to join Google+ as we let more users in over time.

Now we've learned Internet is about searching and sharing - besides other plus things - Will search b integrated in your identity online just like another tool for your online way of living?

Addenda: Decades, as a companion.

For Bands, For Brands.

Fill out this form to apply for consideration in our program allowing a limited number of businesses to use Google+. We will be using this small experiment to see the effect of including brands in the Google+ experience.

Filling out this form does not guarrantee you a spot in the program. These test profiles will be retired when we launch our business product.

I love the way Google allows the chance for businesses to get involved in the trial of G+. Really.
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