Gravity of JSON

I am into JSON - yes, believe me - these days, for two weeks. Learning about Objects considered in such an obscure manner as only the Holy Trinity might be considered.

It came to my mind an anecdote that happened to me , when I was fifteen years old , being a scholar in La Salle, involving my physics teacher ( Mr. Salvador Planas ) and this - yours - blogger. Circa 1983 it happened, if my memory serves me well.

Let me explain: I had serious problems to understand the common laws of physics in the first semester at school. I really could not get , neither understand, the basic concepts of reasoning in Classical Physics, or The Philosophy of Nature - as newton entitled it.

I learned that, by definition, in classical Physics, one must accept we are in a physical caged space where acceleration is an unmutable numerical constant.
This space is called experimental space. Where some subtle concepts like Mass, Acceleration and Force happens.
Some people, like Newton,  refers to acceleration with the name of Gravity.
It was not until the second semester of that year, when we learned about The Principle of Relativity (In the Restricted Sense), besides an introduction to Quantum Physics as the matter os our final exam;  that I saw some logic and some reason behind the Laws of Physics. before this, I surpassed my exams by simply memorizing, not by reasoning.

This is happening to me again, trying to understand what JSON is, and how it works. Where it comes from and why we can parse it. One can not see Gravity, one can not touch it, one just can feel it... Like JSON Objects.

I am learning, like when I was fifteen I did with Physics, JSON and derivatives , if any.
I am using a niace dosc written by Mr. Patrick Hunlock in a clear way.

Get the PDF doc, if you want to follow me here
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