Wrong movement-decision taken by her in a game, there, at G+.

Personal Reflexion: Games made to became social and collaborate with other members.
In fact, we are learning through games. Sprachspiels.

Or, in better words, the process of learning and becoming social it is a game in itself.

When designing games, one person might have the chance to apply some levels of difficulty,the player notices games are based on trust, and the chance to win and learn.

No one plays a game to be caught in a trick. For this, to be caught,  we just have in the so called real life scenario.

There are no other goals in playing a game but to reach the end of the game. 

Imagine a game where she is winning points by building or harvesting objects.

The logic behind this game implies that she has to spend the points she won playing, to progress and get some benefits ( learnings ) to meet the unique goal : This is, to finish the game and obtain for playing that, unmeasurable benefits of any kind.

Games are played in the basis on an unwritten contract,  and she believes there will be fair play in the rules of the game for her to obtain a gain. That gain cannot be quantified, neither appreciated by us, mere designers of games.

I am thinking, as benefits for her considered as a player , empty circles like  : Satisfaction, self-confidence, happiness... Senses that do not refer nothing tangible, nothing you can achieve with facts in real life; but references that do play a role in our game of language and mean something to her, a simple human being.


Imagine that game have some kind of unfair - say, no based on trust - rules.  Rules like: She has to invest real money, not single points, to keep on her rol in that game.

Better you mind that rules from the beginning. Or that game has no sense to be played.

We have failed in our mission and  role of game designers.


I would like to say kindly that, in my opinion, G +, our beloved and promising social network, should consider to introduce games that do not permit wrong movements like she did.

And if so, those games should follow the crude logic that chess has, as a game. Check mate means check mate, no worry for how long you will play. End of the game, and start again. You are not playing with your social friends. You are playing against the Blue One. So simple.

To be continued
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