What the Web is and is Not

A great article by Mr. Joe Hewitt.

Some quotes:
The Web is not HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's not DOM, SVG, WebGL, PNG, or Flash.

The Web is really just HTTP over TCP/IP. What gets transported over HTTP does not define the Web.

There is, however, one other characteristic that does define the Web, and that is the humble hyperlink.
One might say it louder, but not clearer. And John have the choice for the perfect words. Read his complete article, for free, here

Last months, while I was training my own seminar named Tools for building my website, at mediaTIC, I had the need to explain, what was and what is the web.

Today I stumbled ,thanks to a link featured in the social wall Google+, upon a real article by Joe.

 An article that makes you think. It spreads notions quite closer to the ones I tried to explain in my training session. The World is round.

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