Open Codecs and Open Standards

In an FAQ attached to the site, Mozilla says that it simply couldn’t find a high-volume live streaming solution based on open codecs and open standards.
Well, this is something you will face while advocating - say - web standards, in case you need tu place that video into your client's website.

Any better solution, mate?

Here the link. And there, the article.

23 Years Later

Liebe ist natürlich und real, aber nicht für solche wie du und ich meine Liebe

Tech History Lane

In the beginning, Xerox PARC created the graphical desktop.
Two weeks ago, I have a talk with a young person - a man in his twenties -,  about, still,  giving some credit to the ( formerly Macromedia ) Flash, considered  a reasonable tool for the web platform,

There is me cutting off his vanity and speech about the HTML (version 5)  - which was hype in that moment - and reply to the correct tool argument presented  before in our talking.

It is not my intention to bore you , my dearest reader, commenting the details of the talk, the pros and the cons, the final conclusion  neither explain here some clever refutations that were put on the table..

To stop the waste of time deciding upon something that is behind us, nothing better than an article that might bring some light on,  because it is always good to cite some respected sources, not because a phallacy, but to bring light  whenever, you have to argue about the use of reasonable platforms and tools in the web industries.

Chronicles of Conflict: the History of Adobe vs. Apple, written by Mr. Daniel Eran Dilger - circa 2010 - is a good source.

There, he kindly explains for those, still, illiterate young men, the genesis of all this bunch.
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