Drop In The Ocean

A real drop in the ocean, by Mr. Dave Winner.
...how we can build a future with technology that is allied with the interests of users. That's where I want to invest my most precious resource -- time.


On January 24, 1977, 35 years ago, a group of armed men belonging to the extreme right, broke into the office of labor lawyers located in Calle Atocha 55, Madrid, Spain; strafing the nine people present.


Why they won't apply to your job...Via Mr. Tim Gray:
  1. Require me to fill out your company's "application" that simply repeats all the information that is on my resume. Why are you showing me that your company is more interested in busywork than skills? You will never even look at the "application", it is a waste of everyone's time.
  2.  Require yet another login to post my resume to your company's website. your company is not special, why are you cluttering up your own servers with the silly logins for people that will never be used again? Hire some competent IT people and design a resume submission system that does not require a un-needed login for them to have to remember...
  3. Post ridiculous requirements. 30+ years in java, astronaut that has been in space 10 times, has god's cellphone number. If you are letting the idiots in HR write the job description at least take some time from golf or your fantasy football to proofread the job position. It just makes you look like a very uneducated manager, a big red flag for the real professionals. 
  4. Do not post a salary range. You want me to waste my time to find out you are paying 30% under industry average? Be honest and post the salary range so you get real professionals that don't want to waste our time to apply.
"The above are the reasons that most companies get 5000 resumes or more for a single position that are not what they are looking for. Mostly because the hiring manager is incompetent at writing a proper job posting."

Featured Designs at Some Places

Following and ancient tradition, I submit to diverse platforms, the nots and articles posted, most useless to spread its well. That was why directories were invented last century. To let net people know that you write and you talk.

To let that what you write and about what you talk might be of public common interest. Or just of interest of a small, precise and secret community. Or neither it does.

On Notation, this - yours - blog, is featured in BlogCatalog
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Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns are floating around us. Dark patterns conform interview jobs, project proposals, or e-commerce sites in which you really trust on.

Dark Patterns are User Interfaces that are designed to trick people.

If one has the same way of looking at as I have, this is, that life, in itself, is nothing but a big UI Interface of something smaller we cannot perceive.

The act of creating deliberately confusing jargon and user-interfaces which trick your users into sharing more info about themselves than they really want to.

Dark Patterns float around you everytime you are with people with, say, a different kind of ethics.

 An interesting approach to Dark Patterns might be found here. More on the ethics of influence and manipulation can be found there.


Mr. Dave Winner, in his recent article, does not miss the mark by a mile, referring to the Internet, as he never does.
People say I'm an optimist for thinking the Internet will always exist, even though there's an Unternet. But I think I'm a realist. Here's why.  

  1. They will Disnify the protocols we now think of as The Internet. I don't think it's a matter of probability, it's a certainty.  
  2. What that means is that using the net will become more like going to the movies or watching TV. A programmed experience. Your choice is which channel to watch, but all the channels will have the same stuff, so it's not actually a choice. 
But then Dave, you say, isn't that the Unternet snuffing out the Internet? To which I would say is that there will have to be a new protocol. That's all.
Here, the complete article.

Addis Ababa

The Internet Society today announced funding for 14 community-based Internet projects that will transform the lives of people in underserved areas of the world. This round of grants will support such local projects as: building the first website dedicated to young women survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo; providing Internet and computer education to empower artisans in Bangalore; and launching an Integrative Internet Café for visually impaired and sighted people in Addis Ababa.
Read more, here.
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