Mr. Dave Winner, in his recent article, does not miss the mark by a mile, referring to the Internet, as he never does.
People say I'm an optimist for thinking the Internet will always exist, even though there's an Unternet. But I think I'm a realist. Here's why.  

  1. They will Disnify the protocols we now think of as The Internet. I don't think it's a matter of probability, it's a certainty.  
  2. What that means is that using the net will become more like going to the movies or watching TV. A programmed experience. Your choice is which channel to watch, but all the channels will have the same stuff, so it's not actually a choice. 
But then Dave, you say, isn't that the Unternet snuffing out the Internet? To which I would say is that there will have to be a new protocol. That's all.
Here, the complete article.
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