Why they won't apply to your job...Via Mr. Tim Gray:
  1. Require me to fill out your company's "application" that simply repeats all the information that is on my resume. Why are you showing me that your company is more interested in busywork than skills? You will never even look at the "application", it is a waste of everyone's time.
  2.  Require yet another login to post my resume to your company's website. your company is not special, why are you cluttering up your own servers with the silly logins for people that will never be used again? Hire some competent IT people and design a resume submission system that does not require a un-needed login for them to have to remember...
  3. Post ridiculous requirements. 30+ years in java, astronaut that has been in space 10 times, has god's cellphone number. If you are letting the idiots in HR write the job description at least take some time from golf or your fantasy football to proofread the job position. It just makes you look like a very uneducated manager, a big red flag for the real professionals. 
  4. Do not post a salary range. You want me to waste my time to find out you are paying 30% under industry average? Be honest and post the salary range so you get real professionals that don't want to waste our time to apply.
"The above are the reasons that most companies get 5000 resumes or more for a single position that are not what they are looking for. Mostly because the hiring manager is incompetent at writing a proper job posting."
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