On Open Source

These days, this, yours truly, is proactively working using AMF under PHP, for a client's project.

Surfing on the Internet, and trying to look and to learn from past experiences of other developers, I have reached this post, where its author speaks - mainly because he developed it -  about one solution I was looking for: SabreAMF. An AMF client and server for PHP5.

So this is the  quote:
"It kind of went downhill when Zend_AMF got released in late 2008. Originally I was helping the (paid) developer with the implementation, but then communication went silent. I only heard about it again when it was announced with much fanfare as the Adobe/Zend partnership. This left me with a bit of a sour taste. The developer at the time was struggling with decoding the AMF0/3 bits, which was just released as an open spec at the time.
Originally the AMF0/3 specification was closed, and as far as I know, there were no open source implementations...After checking out Zend_AMF, I found that the developer didn't bother trying decoding himself, but effectively just took my design and renamed a few methods..."
A bitter story, explained by Mr. Evert Pot, that has been repeating, like History repeats itself, in the carves of Open Source software. A curious story you can read here.

You are not alone, Even.

News from Pinterest

Pinterest, the trending hype these days on the net, has updated its policy and rules for better, I guess. Today I have received an email in which Pinterest explains its new rules to balded users like me.
Here they go:
  • Pinterest original Terms stated that by posting content to Pinterest one grant Pinterest the right for to sell your content. Selling content was never the intention and Pinterest removed this from their updated Terms. 
  • Pinterest has updated their Acceptable Use Policy and they will not allow pins that explicitly encourage self-harm or self-abuse. 
  • Pinterest released simpler tools for anyone to report alleged copyright or trademark infringements. 
  • Finally, Pinterest added language that will pave the way for new features such as a Pinterest API and Private Pinboards.

Well, in case you had fear of images, have a patient look to my profile in that social network ADDENDA:Since yesterday, profiles have been followed by , say, mysterious spammers, most of them supposed pretty girls from Alaska with the motto "Follow me if you like (blah, blah). For this, I have removed the link of this yours truly.
You are welcome.


Tradable jobs would have actually declined if the loss of jobs in manufacturing hadn't been offset by new tradable jobs involved in the creation of ideas (for example, consulting and the development of new information technologies, nearly all service sector jobs).
An interesting approach on the need of factory jobs, written by Mr. James Heskett. Here.


The Prisoner's Dilemma is not only useful in describing the problem, but also serves as a way to organize solutions. We humans have developed four basic mechanisms for ways to limit defectors: what I call societal pressure. We use morals, reputation, laws, and security systems. It's all coercion, really, although we don't call it that. I'll spare you the details; it would require a book to explain.
Mr. Bruce Schneider  wrote an essay book on security.
You might find more details here.

JQuery for Children

Today in my mail, I received - as usual - an email with the latest news from the list of subscribers to PBworks jQuery developers.
This is a proposed set of links where one can learn how to develop called up widgets using the jQuery framework.
In my youth, developers lists included - say - more academic links.
Nowadays, it seems they are aimed at elementary students. Which is very nice.

The Multilingual Web

The MultilingualWeb project is looking at best practices and standards related to all aspects of creating, localizing and deploying the Web multilingually. The project aims to raise the visibility of existing best practices and standards and identify gaps. The core vehicle for this is a series of four events which are planned for the coming two years.
The Way Ahead, here.

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