On Open Source

These days, this, yours truly, is proactively working using AMF under PHP, for a client's project.

Surfing on the Internet, and trying to look and to learn from past experiences of other developers, I have reached this post, where its author speaks - mainly because he developed it -  about one solution I was looking for: SabreAMF. An AMF client and server for PHP5.

So this is the  quote:
"It kind of went downhill when Zend_AMF got released in late 2008. Originally I was helping the (paid) developer with the implementation, but then communication went silent. I only heard about it again when it was announced with much fanfare as the Adobe/Zend partnership. This left me with a bit of a sour taste. The developer at the time was struggling with decoding the AMF0/3 bits, which was just released as an open spec at the time.
Originally the AMF0/3 specification was closed, and as far as I know, there were no open source implementations...After checking out Zend_AMF, I found that the developer didn't bother trying decoding himself, but effectively just took my design and renamed a few methods..."
A bitter story, explained by Mr. Evert Pot, that has been repeating, like History repeats itself, in the carves of Open Source software. A curious story you can read here.

You are not alone, Even.
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