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If you are in Barcelona, Mediterranean Coast, south of Europe; I will see you there next 11th of May.


“The reason for designing new media is simple — to subtly and quietly change the world.”
- Hillman Curtis (1961 -2012)

Live Redesign

Jeff Zeldman is now performing what members of web industries developers and principals or managers, whom admire and respect his work and sapience, are doing everyday at work: A live redesign of his website. Again.
Then I ditched the sidebar. Multiple columns are so 1990s.
Agree completely. 
I hope this My wish is that his excellent work will influence costumers in a near future.

Do shall his excellent work influence customers in a near future?. I wish so.

To influence those kind of common costumers - as the role indicates - , whose lack of patience make their will not capable to understand that the web, that simple web we eat for lunch everyday, is just a daily evolving thing, a simple organic piece changing constantly.

The web is nor a commercial TV, neither a print ad. please, dearest reader, leave this misunderstood conception to the marketing people; bacuase of we - the rest of commons - are into real business, not floating and billing around.
 Webs might be considered as human beings, a web-site evolves, a web-site grows, a web-site dimishes. A web-site exists.

G+, for example, with its changes in the UI interface, evolve with its audience and costumers, in a cute manner to expose Zeldman's principles. Again.

Welcome to the future, you dearest reader. Welcome to the ever evolving sites.

On Patent(s)

At the same time, we are forced to live in the world as it is, and that world currently permits software patents. A relatively small number of very large companies have amassed large numbers of software patents. We believe such massive software patent portfolios are ripe for misuse because of the questionable nature of many software patents generally and because of the high cost of patent litigation. One defense against such misuse is to develop a corresponding portfolio of software patents for defensive purposes. Many software companies, both open source and proprietary, pursue this strategy. In the interests of our company and in an attempt to protect and promote the open source community, Red Hat has elected to adopt this same stance. We do so reluctantly because of the perceived inconsistency with our stance against software patents; however, prudence dictates this position.

via Red Hat


No one is hiring you to be their friend. They’re hiring you to design solutions to problems. But if they can get the same solution from someone who’s pleasant and someone who’s a jerk, they’ll go with the former
An excerpt from Mr. Mike Monteiro, via a list apart. .

Fire Up your Community Manager...

..And return to the, say, classical email marketing system. Everybody knows it works.
Facebook email addresses launched approximately eighteen months ago in order to promote the social messaging system, but recent studies indicate that email is still the dominant form of communication over social networks.
Via Digital Trends.

Uh, uh. Part Five.

A point of view by Mr. Geoffrey James, about the predictable future of those named social networks and mass trending topics, that you might want to read here, and some cite below.
With its awkward design, 1990s-style layouts, weird privacy policies, and intrusive advertising, Facebook is vulnerable to the next best thing. Frankly, I think it's just one online conversion program away from losing its customer base and becoming the next MySpace.

Return to the Source

It  might seems that the next trend for all the newbie creators or startuppers from web applications will be a to return to the source and principles of the dot net ( independent and open ) as it used to be in my youth.
As the years have progressed the web has gotten a lot more social, and it makes more sense to have our own brand and site. We can still be ‘on’ Facebook in the sense that we plug into News Feed and fan pages, but having our own brand gives us full, top to bottom control over the product experience, something that we think is critical for building the best tool possible for organizers to create campaigns for social change.
In case you are intrigued by the quote above, might you like to read the complete impressions of Mr. John Battelle, here.

Web Awards 2012

One more year, fortunately, this yours has been invited to take part in the Web Marketing Awards 2012. See ya there.
The Web Marketing Association is pleased to announce the 16th annual Call for Entries for its 2012 international WebAward Competition, the Internet's premier award competition that judges website development against an ever increasing Internet standard of excellence and against peer sites within 96 industries. The deadline for entry is May 31, 2012 and the competition Website is

Useful links 2

A behind-the-scenes look at Facebook release engineering
HipHop converts PHP into heavily optimized C++ code, which can then be compiled into an efficient native binary. When Facebook unveiled HipHop to the public in 2010 and began distributing it under an open source software license, the company's engineers reported that it reduced average CPU consumption on Facebook by roughly 50 percent.

The death rattles of AM, then FM
But while FM is finally beating AM, its ratings today look like AM’s back in the 1950s. FM wasn’t taken seriously by the radio industry then, even though it sounded much better, and also came in stereo.


It does mean that some of the ideas going back to the first ES4 proposals in 1999, implemented variously in JScript.NET and ActionScript, won't make it into any ES standard.
On ECMAScript Harmony, and why some advances in derivates will not see the light; circa 2008.


However, I think people would be better off starting to get into it in a more gentle way. Start by running your own server. That could involve a little programming . And you'll be getting a solid basis in why you would want to program in the first place. Setting up systems that make your life easier. Automating things you do manually that a computer could do for you, perhaps better.

Want to learn code? Read some advice, here.
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