Live Redesign

Jeff Zeldman is now performing what members of web industries developers and principals or managers, whom admire and respect his work and sapience, are doing everyday at work: A live redesign of his website. Again.
Then I ditched the sidebar. Multiple columns are so 1990s.
Agree completely. 
I hope this My wish is that his excellent work will influence costumers in a near future.

Do shall his excellent work influence customers in a near future?. I wish so.

To influence those kind of common costumers - as the role indicates - , whose lack of patience make their will not capable to understand that the web, that simple web we eat for lunch everyday, is just a daily evolving thing, a simple organic piece changing constantly.

The web is nor a commercial TV, neither a print ad. please, dearest reader, leave this misunderstood conception to the marketing people; bacuase of we - the rest of commons - are into real business, not floating and billing around.
 Webs might be considered as human beings, a web-site evolves, a web-site grows, a web-site dimishes. A web-site exists.

G+, for example, with its changes in the UI interface, evolve with its audience and costumers, in a cute manner to expose Zeldman's principles. Again.

Welcome to the future, you dearest reader. Welcome to the ever evolving sites.
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