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The Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism was introduced at ETech2008, this is  four years ago.

An excerpt, by Mr. Ethan Zuckermann:
Based on my Tripod experience, I’d offer the hypothesis that any sufficiently advanced read/write technology will get used for two purposes: pornography and activism
Porn is a weak test for the success of participatory media – it’s like tapping a mike and asking, “Is it on?” If you’re not getting porn in your system, it doesn’t work. 
Activism is a stronger test – if activists are using your tools, it’s a pretty good indication that your tools are useful and usable.


Spreading some news and essays that I have received via email.
There is an interesting essay on componential theory of creativity, one of the major theories of creativity in individuals and in organizations.
This theory was articulated by Teresa Amabile in 1983,  and from its ground, focuses on a intra-individual components proposal.
Read the essay in PDF format, by Mrs. Teresa M. Amabile, here.
Via HBS Working Knowledge.

20.000 Meilen unter dem Meer

It was the past weekend, when I was gently invited to record a music session of the ancient times, when,here in Europe, in the early nineties, it was Liverpool, it was Madchester... And it was Badcelona . In those fury days there was a place called FistBar!, a hellishavantgarde factory where all the new media and craft attitudes from the young europeans met, comfortably chilled with a bar service, filled with the best beers and whiskeys from all over the modern world.

Last Sunday,  I get an invitation by Mr. Nemo - principal gang leader of the podcast radio programme '20.000 Leguas de Viaje Submarino' -.  An invitation to record an aural travel of what-did-they-mean those years; a 160min music discourse they have fixed and edited in a session that you might want to listen here.

Madchester Sessions - DELFIN, May 2012

This fictional travel reproduces what that "Manchester" sound meant to some of us, then and still now, from a perspective.

 A bunch full of memories and factories, of dreams and youth. 

20.000 Leguas de Viaje Submarino is a radio program for listeners from Radio Universidad de Concepción-Chile, actually emitting a Sunday Live emission through the airwaves and via streaming on the Internet simultaneously.

The funniest thing is that I have never been in Chile, yet. 

My wish is that you like the session as much as I have enjoyed recording it.

For your ears only.


Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript + XML
ASP: Active Server Pages
CSS: Cascading Stylesheets
DOM: Document Object Model
FTP: File Transfer Protocol
GPL: GNU General Public License
HTML: HyperText Markup Language
HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SQL: Structured Query Language
UI: User interface
XML: Extensible Markup Language


I just have installed Cordova at,  where the heart is.
Apache Cordova is a platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  1. Once done, download the mobile-spec .
  2. Open X-Code.
  3. Go to the repo.
  Et voilà!

Plazes are Gone

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... It was 2005 and we were all excited about the new 2.0 revolution.

 I remember when, in If my memory serves me well, that year of 2005, I was gently invited by Kosmar to be on Plazes - one of the first two-dot-zero adventures, one of the first social-based web based app; developed and designed by a company based in Berlin. We , after all are all euros, after all.

As pioneers we were devoted to all that brave and furious new thing the web was evolving into. It was in the year 2005.

By July 1st Plazes.com won't be around after that, and all my personal data (including my account info) will be erased.

Now, there is a kind explanation - a wunderbar infographic design - of what has been a life inside Plazes. And, once logged in, and I am able to download this a piece of personal history that belongs to my life, a digital life shared with friends from allover the world.

In the year 2005 there was no location, near-field apparels, neither maps to tell one where has it been or what did you like.

As for today, Plazes has been acquired by Nokia ( formerly known as Microsoft ); and it's time to me to say good-bye.

It's been a great journey.

Businesses & Decisions

Software development of apps was much harder than publishers had anticipated, because they had hired Web developers who knew technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Publishers were astonished to learn that iPad apps were real, if small, applications, mostly written in a language called Objective C, which no one in their WebDev departments knew.

Publishers reacted by outsourcing app development, which was expensive, time-consuming, and unbudgeted.

An experience written by Mr. Jason Pontin, here.

Internet Hall of Fame

Celebrating people who bring the Internet to life.

 A nice web-site, with a cute design ( congrats Internet Society!!) that might be seen and visited here

How Browsers Work

Web browsers are probably the most widely used software.

In case you were born after 1982, and you are kind wanna-be web designer o whatever-you-might-define-yourself-from-8AM-till-6PM, this ( click there ) is a nice article to learn and cope with covardice.

No copy-paste, my apologies. Via Tali Garsiel.
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