RSS Clouds

Thanks to a post Dave Winner has written in his blog, I know now there is a cloud for RSS, named rssCloud.

Dated back in 2009, Winner explains to us that rssCloud is a three-sided cloud.

  1. The authoring tool. I edit and update a feed. It contains a element that says how a subscriber requests notification of updates.
  2. The cloud. It is notified of an update by the authoring tool, and then in turn notifies all subscribers.
  3. An aggregator. Subscribes to feeds that may or may not be part of a cloud. 

Curious? Read the Implementor's guide to rssCloud, here, and know more about it.

Tsk, Tsk

I really do like the fact that LinkedIn, a social network, has a brand new look.

These days we live are furious and fast, so the company has changed the visual interface of its main page ( the classical term "home page" should be eradicate, shouldn't? ), looking now more warmer, less twenty-century-styled and quite professional.

But, alas!, I disagree  for a moment with the new proposal, for a simple and main reason. This is,  it shows some beginner mistakes one might perceive, say, using Safari under the OS X platform.

CSS is a sophisticated language, but no-one believed it.

Below, a screen capture.

Note: If you read this, allow me to inform you that I am available as a short-term part-time technical advisor ;)

Boundary of the Firm

Information Technology and Boundary of the Firm: Evidence from Plant-Level Data, is a working paper in which Chris Forman & Kristina McElheran study the relationship between different margins of information technology (IT) use and vertical integration.
Focusing on the short-run decision of whether to allocate production output to downstream plants within the same firm or to external customers, we find that customer-focused IT, by itself, has surprisingly little impact.
Worth a read. Via HBS


Speech recognition was one my favourite features in Panther OSX, about ten years ago.

 In fact, that lovely integration made me able to enter in my studio and say "Open Safari",  the browser started and there were, say, the news. And the same with Chess (without news, of course ).

... But, but, that was in the year 2002, and a lot has rained since then.

Ten years after, another cat, the forthcoming OSX Mountain Lion, features somewhat named Dictation, quite similar to Speech Recognition , alas, not dumb like that one, but intelligent - artificially speaking - as a brand new one in town.
You'll be able to access dictation using a simple keyboard shortcut, a double click on the Function (fn) key. And if your keyboard doesn't have one available, or if you prefer another choice, System Preferences allows you to customize that shortcut.
Via Erica Saund

Usable Digital Models Of Businesses

It came to me a concise article, after offering tips to create a new business website.
There was wondered if instead of doing businesses one might, before dirtying her/his hands, should read to certain people who really knows about business.
Usability, and not visuals, is the most important quality of a web page. Unfortunately that’s something that many businesses fail to identify when launching their new website.
Via Making Good Software.

WWDC 2012

wwdc 2012

Registered Apple Developers can now access over 100 session videos to get an in-depth look at the latest in iOS and OS X.

Three Steps (And) Further

Shane Gliser, from Roughly Brilliant, presents three considerations one must to have present, to designa menu for mobile applications. Thus are:
  1. Navigation is the hardest thing to get right in any application. 
  2. Mobile only compounds the issue.
  3. jQuery Mobile doesn't (and shouldn't) have a pre-built global navigation structure.
What he believes, useful for newbies like you, might be read here.

HTML5: Details / Summary

Neither Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 11, nor Safari 5 provide native support for details and summary.
While Chrome has supported them for several versions now, its current version 17 provides no default keyboard access, nor does it pass any meaningful semantics to the accessibility API
However, recent WebKit nightly builds support the elements with proper keyboard access, as do recent Chrome Canary builds, but still neither provide any useful accessibility information. And Opera is working on it.
An approach to the forthcoming tags details and summary explained here, by Mr. Jason Kiss.

It was a very good year

2006, it was a very good year. There was an implosion of burning start-ups, coders and dream lovers desperately creating protos and building websites ( yes, in the year  2006, the only decent way one might develop and deploy for the mobile ecosphere was using propiertary software; remember: The web was the desktop. ) trying to define how the new coined term web 2.0 might be and look-a-like.

Jeff, wrote a savvy, yet quite contemporary, article on that subject.

Here an excerpt:
To you who are toiling over an AJAX- and Ruby-powered social software product, good luck, God bless, and have fun. Remember that 20 other people are working on the same idea. So keep it simple, and ship it before they do, and maintain your sense of humor whether you get rich or go broke. Especially if you get rich. Nothing is more unsightly than a solemn multi-millionaire.
And there the complete article, dated on January 17th 2006.

NOTE: This post is a personal reminder. You might find a direct link in one of the posts to this article in this, your blog, after doin' a bit of research.

Plain English

Mr. Chirag Chamoli has written a nice post to help dudes like you, dearest reader, to understand in plain english what AWS services are for.

Useful for to your clients, for to your MKT department or for your closest neighbors.

Here, the link.


Today, this morning, I have been playing with GeoJSON.
GeoJSON is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. A GeoJSON object may represent a geometry, a feature, or a collection of features. GeoJSON supports the following geometry types: Point, LineString, Polygon, MultiPoint, MultiLineString, MultiPolygon, and GeometryCollection.
Read the specs here.

Music For Masses

This is a small piece composed - yes this, yours truly, has another life besides his ordinary one - eight years ago.

Computers are fun to use.


Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't try to do things. You simply must do things.


There was a time I had quite an interest for metacognition, thus I dedicated some of the best years of my life to analyze and study in deep trying to deliver this scenario and its possible consequences, from a scientific point of view.

Today, let me point you to an essay, written by Daniel R. Ames and Lara K. Kammrath, entitled Mind-raeding and Metacognition: narcissism, not actual competence, predicts self-estimated ability.

Unlike previous work, the authors show new evidence about who misunderstands their sensitivity and why.

Even having myself greater doses of narcissism, as I realized when, time ago,  I was applying myself into the fields of metacognition, I arrived to this conclusion: yours truly has been surrounded by incompetence for a while. Like you, dearest reader.

Self-estimation and self-confidence given, in this kind of incompetent scenario , then is a pro, to have success in life.

Here, a link to the essay, available in PDF format. Below, an entertaining story.

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